What To Know About Mobile Storage Containers

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What To Know About Mobile Storage Containers

16 November 2020
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When you are planning to move, you have two options for temporary storage. The first option is to rent a storage unit and then make several trips filling it. The other option to rent a mobile storage container and have it brought to your property, which can be more flexible and accomodating for you. Before renting a portable container, you want to make sure you are completely informed.


One of the main reasons to go with a mobile container over onsite storage is the number of benefits available. The first benefit is a more flexible timetable to work with. You can access your container at any time because it is sitting outside your home. Besides, there is no need to rent a vehicle to transport large loads. You load the container on your time and then contact the company when you are ready to have it taken to the storage location. It still offers the same security as an onsite location, and they are weather-resistant.


While they are limited, there are a few disadvantages to renting a mobile storage container. The first is to make sure that the box complies with any Homeowner's Association rules. The other setback is the fact that they are not temperature controlled. They may protect your belongings from the weather, but they cannot protect from extreme temperatures.

Various Sizes

Just like with onsite storage, mobile storage containers come in different sizes. The cost is dependent on the size and length of rental. How long you need the rental is easier than determining what size to obtain. Therefore, here are some things to take into consideration.

A 7-foot unit can be ideal for college students or single adults. These hold roughly a studio apartment's worth of belongings. However, this is also good for people who are doing a single room remodel and need a place to store the items while the work is being done.

A 12-foot unit may be better if you are moving from a small apartment or home. They can also be used by businesses who are moving office locations or remodeling the office.

A 16-foot unit is usually the final size available by most mobile storage containers. It's ideal for people who are moving out of a family home or doing a full remodel of their home.

Preparing for Rental

Once you have decided to rent a mobile storage container, it is time to start preparing for the arrival. Make sure you accurately estimate how large of a container you want, and then schedule both pickups and drop-off times. You may want to add a few days of cushion to your rental timeline/ This will make sure that you are not held up by busy moving months, and you will not have to order a second container.

If you have questions on what requirements are needed for a rental, contact the storage company. With proper preparation, the storage process will be less stressful. For more information about renting self-storage containers, reach out to a local business.