3 Crucial Tips For A Better Moving Day

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Have you recently moved away from your parents’ home for the first time in your life? Perhaps, you’re attending college at a location thousands of miles away from your parents’ house. You might be having difficulty fitting all of your belongings in the small dorm room you’re staying in. If you can relate to this bothersome scenario, finding ingenious, storage solutions is crucial. For instance, you might want to install open shelves in your dorm room. You can place textbooks, computer supplies, photos, and other items on these convenient shelves. Investing in a closet organizer is also a great idea. You may even wish to rent a unit at a storage facility near your college. On this blog, I hope you will discover how to smartly store your things while living in a tiny, dorm room. Enjoy!


3 Crucial Tips For A Better Moving Day

2 September 2019
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Are you planning to move to a new home soon? Have you been dreading the actual move itself? Moving can be fun, but it can also be quite stressful. Instead of being excited about your new home, it's not uncommon to simply be stressed out about the situation and to want everything over with as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like that. There are things you can do that can make your experience a lot easier and much less stressful than it otherwise would have been. Some things that you can try doing include the following.

Start packing ASAP

One of the most common reasons why moving is so stressful is that the person or family who is moving simply runs out of time to get everything packed up. This results in a frantic, last-minute dash to get everything put into boxes at some time around midnight, a few hours before your movers are supposed to arrive. The sooner you start packing everything up, the better. If this means having to eat off of paper plates for a week because you've packed up most of your kitchen, then that's what needs to be done. You might have to do with other things for a few days, but this is still better than a last-minute rush in which a lot of things can wind up being broken accidentally.

Hire professionals

A lot of people try to get friends or family to help them move. On paper, this sounds like a way to save money and still not have to deal with everything yourself. In practice, these helpers may not show up on time, may not work as hard as you want them to, and may wind up leaving earlier than you'd hoped. Professional movers, on the other hand, will get everything packed up into the moving truck quickly and efficiently. Instead of spending the whole day moving, you can have everything done in just a few hours.

Get extra packing materials

It's all too easy to underestimate just how many boxes you're going to need to pack up everything in a given room. You might think that you'll only need a couple of boxes only to wind up needing a half dozen. The same goes for things like tape and Bubble Wrap as well. In order to avoid having to stop packing due to a lack of materials, make sure that you have more boxes than you think you and your movers will need to transport everything. Even if you wind up with a few extra boxes, this is going to be less effort to deal with than running out and being unable to get more supplies immediately.