4 Signs You Need To Rent A Storage Unit To Declutter Your Garage

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4 Signs You Need To Rent A Storage Unit To Declutter Your Garage

15 June 2017
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The garage of your home is meant to be the place that houses your vehicle, your tools, and even a few things that just don't have a spot in the house, like holiday stuff and cleaning supplies. However, if you are like most people, your garage ends up being the catch-all space for everything. Even though you may think you just need to tidy up and rearrange your garage, there is a chance that the space is overcrowded and needs to have some of the stuff removed. In these situations, renting a storage unit is a good idea. Here are a few telltale signs you need to rent a storage unit to declutter your garage.

You have no room left to park your vehicle.

This is perhaps the first sign that the garage has gotten out of control, but most homeowners will just deal with the problem by parking in the driveway. If you can no longer pull your car into the garage without bumping into something or running over items, it is a good sign that renting a storage unit would provide you with great benefits.

You have a hard time finding tools in the garage when you need them.

You go after a wrench, a screwdriver, or the drill, and spend more time digging for what you need than actually completing the task at hand. If this sounds familiar, there is a pretty good chance that your garage is overrun with too much stuff.

The only way to tackle a DIY project is to pull everything out in the driveway.

From painting that nightstand you picked up at a yard sale to tightening the screws on your lawn mower, if you find yourself out in the driveway working because there is no room inside the garage, you definitely have an issue. Consider renting a storage unit to clear out some of the clutter you don't need so you can have room for projects you want to do inside the space.

Walking through your garage is somewhat akin to walking through a minefield.

Maybe this sounds a little hardcore, but it definitely happens to some homeowners when the clutter in the garage gets way too far out of hand. If you can't walk through your garage without fear of getting slapped in the face by a fallen garden tool, or bumped on the head by a falling object from overhead, you definitely need to make some changes and invest in a storage unit.

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