Tips For Moving Your Pet To A New Home

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Tips For Moving Your Pet To A New Home

18 April 2017
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Moving to a new home that is located in a different part of the country may be one of the most challenging but exciting tasks that you will ever experience. These challenges can be especially acute for those that will be making this move with their pet. However, you may find that you are able to greatly reduce the amount of stress that your pet experiences from going through a long move by taking advantage of the benefits that can be provided by following several basic tips.

Have Your Pet Evaluated Before Your Move

Every animal will have its own unique set of health needs. Sadly, some animals may have medical conditions that make them prone to suffering complications during the move. For example, a pet with a urinary tract infection may be prone to needing much more frequent bathroom breaks. By having your animal thoroughly evaluated, you will find that you are aware of the complications that your pet may be most likely to encounter from a long car or plane ride.

Keep Your Pet In A Relatively Secluded Area During The Loading And Unloading Process

During the process of loading and unloading your possessions into the moving truck, there will be a tremendous amount of activity. Sadly, this activity can be a source of stress for many pets as they will sense that something major is happening. While it is not possible to completely eliminate the stress that your pet may experience, you can help to minimize it through keeping your animal in a relatively secluded area of the home while this work is being done. In addition to helping to keep your pet calm, this will also limit the risk of you accidentally tripping over your pet and breaking some of your possessions.

Invest In A Large Travel Carrier

Being confined in a small carrier for long periods of time can be stress inducing as it may be difficult for your pet to get comfortable. You will be able to alleviate this discomfort through investing in a larger than necessary pet carrier. This will allow you to place a small pillow or blanket in the carrier without drastically limiting the space available to your pet. While you may be tempted to leave a bowl of water or food in the carrier, you should avoid this as it can make the animal more likely to have an accident in the carrier that could smell foul until you stop and thoroughly clean the carrier and surrounding area in the car.

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