Have Trouble Getting Around? Find A Storage Unit That Is Naturally Accommodating

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Storage Ideas for a Small Dorm Room

Have you recently moved away from your parents’ home for the first time in your life? Perhaps, you’re attending college at a location thousands of miles away from your parents’ house. You might be having difficulty fitting all of your belongings in the small dorm room you’re staying in. If you can relate to this bothersome scenario, finding ingenious, storage solutions is crucial. For instance, you might want to install open shelves in your dorm room. You can place textbooks, computer supplies, photos, and other items on these convenient shelves. Investing in a closet organizer is also a great idea. You may even wish to rent a unit at a storage facility near your college. On this blog, I hope you will discover how to smartly store your things while living in a tiny, dorm room. Enjoy!


Have Trouble Getting Around? Find A Storage Unit That Is Naturally Accommodating

12 April 2017
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Getting into an accident may have led to an injury that keeps you from getting around easily. You may only be able to walk with the assistance of balance support, but your lifestyle may not have changed. It just requires that you get creative with how you do things to avoid major complications. If you end up needing additional storage space in your home, you may not want to move out just to meet this need. So, it makes sense to start shopping around for a storage facility, such as South Town Storage, that fits your situation. While price and location are certainly important, you should not forget about things that make it easy to get around.

Storage Unit with Elevator Access

An excellent feature that you may want to prioritize with a storage company is elevator access. A nearby facility might have outdoor units on several stories and there may be stairs going up. But, an elevator will make it much easier for you to wheel items and yourself on the ground all the way to the unit itself. This also applies for indoor units when you are determined to get climate control for your items.

Smooth Walkways for Safety

If you know that you will be parking outside and walking to your storage unit, you want smooth walkways. It is hard to get around when you are rolling a furniture cart on asphalt with lots of bumps. It not only makes it less pleasant and more challenging to get around, but it can take a toll on your energy levels. The constant bumping can prevent you from taking more than a trip or two at a time until you need a break. You can avoid this by looking for storage companies that have smooth walkways and roadways.

Parking in Front of the Unit

Being able to park somewhat close to your unit may be okay when you are fully physically capable. But, you may find it necessary to park in front of the storage unit for easy access. This is something that you should prioritize with storage facilities by calling them and asking them this question in the beginning. It is important to avoid a situation in which you have to walk a far distance to put items inside.

Although you might think that renting and using a storage unit is a little too challenging, you can keep these details in mind and make it possible to get around a complex without an issue.